Jonny Gibaud is a British Designer, Entrepreneur, and Investor. In 2009 he cofounded the UK’s largest Emergency Preparedness company and has travelled the world for the last seven years, living in eight different countries. He currently advises companies including the UN, NHS and Unilever.

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Founded in 2009, now the UK’s largest Emergency Preparedness Company operating in the UK and Europe.

In his twenties Jonny travelled the world for seven years, living in eight different countries and visiting over fifty more. He came to one conclusion – the world is a very big place, and everyone is fundamentally the same.

An amateur photographer Jonny has been fortunate to have been published a few times in various magazines. He uses a cannon and prefers to shoot from the hip.

A popular and entertaining speaker, Jonny’s ideas have been implemented by world changing people and companies including the United Nations, the NHS and Unilever. He is regularly ranked in the top percentage of speakers at the events he attends.

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